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Keno Game Rules

Keno Game RulesThe rules of Keno are essentially the same as Bingo and the Lottery, or more like the Bingo and the lottery combined. Imagine the Bingo board: that would be the keno board but with 80 numbers. But then the differences emerge: for one you have a choice of picking from 1-15 numbers. But this will of course mean that the payout will change depending on how many numbers you pick and how many of your numbers are randomly picked. Keno is again an online casino game of chance.




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So, what other casino games can you play here at Rich Casino? We have a number of online slot games, poker, blackjack, classic slots, roulette; everything you’d expect to find in a real casino you’ll also find in our online casino.

You can play easily. All you have to do is to sign up, download casino games or play them online. That’s it! The only difference is that when you download the games to your computer you can play them without logging in through the site.

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