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Rich Casino Classic Slots rules


One of the reasons that Slot machines enjoy such popularity is that they have been around in one form or another for more than 100 years, so most people know something about how they work. This makes it easy when it comes to play slots online, as rules are much the same as for old-fashioned slot machines, with just a few key variations - depending on the type of game. Online Slots Rules couldn’t be simpler: insert your coins and spin the reel. When the reels stop spinning, check the ‘payout line’ to see if you have a winning combination of symbols.


Classic Casino Slot Games

Here’s a brief summary of the rules for the casino slot games we offer.

3 Reel Slots: To win Three Reel Slots you need to get a winning combination of symbols on the payout line(s). There may be as many as five payout lines on each game: top row; middle row; bottom row; left diagonal, or right diagonal.


5 Reel Slots: There can be as many as nine payout lines on a Five Reel Slots game, which hugely increases your chance of winning! To win you must have a winning combination of symbols on one or more payout lines.


Bonus Slots: A bonus Slots game only has one payout line: the middle row. However if the payout line shows the special bonus symbol you’ll get an additional bonus payout!


Progressive Jackpots are without doubt the biggest paying Online Casino Games today. The Progressive Jackpot as the name suggests, is always rising; for every player that bets, the Jackpot available to win increases. Many Progressives do and have exceeded the 1 million dollar mark. This just shows you just how many people play Progressive Jackpots in order to obtain the huge jackpot.


To get the most out of your playing experience, please make sure that you understand the Slots Rules for the game you’re intending to play before you begin.

Payout line: The payout line is the row of symbols that triggers a win. Payout lines can be horizontal or diagonal and there can be more than one payout line per game - depending on which online Slot Game you’re playing!

There are other online slot games that you can play on Rich Casino. We make it easy for you to have fun and find the games that you like best. If you’re not sure, remember that you can try all of them for free, and when you find one that you like best, start winning by hitting the “play for real money” switch!


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