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Online Casino Cashier Information

Rich Casino offers numerous deposit and withdrawal methods, meant to improve the ways in which you fund your online casino account or complete withdrawals. For more information about the deposit and withdrawal methods we offer, please contact our Customer Service Department.


Rich Casino accepts deposits in a variety of currencies. If the currency of your choice is not available, your deposit will be converted using the conversion rate of the Bank or Credit Card Company chosen on the date of your purchase. Please be informed that exchange fees may apply.

At Rich Casino we value your privacy. We assure that no gaming related content will appear on any of your financial statements. When purchasing on our site, terms such as "Casino" or "Gaming" will not show on your billing statements.

Min deposit amount per transaction 25 25 25 25 250

Payment Method Funding Type Withdrawal Option Additional Bonus Info
Visa / Mastercard Credit Card/Debit Card


Visa / Mastercard / Amex

We suggest you use your Visa, Mastercard or Amex credit/debit or prepaid card in order to enjoy a fast and easy deposit method. The card can be registered on the account when submitting a deposit transaction. In order for the registration process to be complete, you are required to enter your personal information which will be processed through our secure casino server. Once you do so, you will be able to make future deposits into your account much faster. Also, your card needs to be approved for international transactions in order for your deposits to be successfully submitted.

Easydebit Wallet


Providing a fast and easy way to deposit, Easy Debit is very similar to an online wallet, only it does not require a subscription. In order to make fast and secure payments through EasyDebit, you can use Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit/debit cards.

ACH ACH Bank Transfer Info

ACH Bank Transfer

Using ACH Bank Transfer allows you to transfer funds electronically to and from your personal or business checking account . If you would like to use this method please contact us for more details.

Bankwire Wire Transfer


Bankwire is a fast and easy payment method that allows you to perform transfers of funds to and from your bank account. Wire transfers are also possible from one bank account to another, or through cash transfers at any bank office. If you would like to use this payment method, please contact us on Chat.

Visa / Mastercard Funds transfers 20% Info

Money Transfers

Money Transfers is a smart and secure deposit method available to all our Members, enabling them to transfer funds directly. Credit cards can be used for funding. If you’re interested in using Money Transfers, please contact us by chat or phone for more information on how to make your deposit.

Withdrawal Methods

The withdrawal options displayed below are available for a specific number of countries. Please contact our Customer Support Department if you would like to receive more information on this aspect.

Bankwire: In order to use this method, you must provide your bank details. Please note that the minimum amount imposed for a wire transfer is of $500. There is a $28.75 wire transfer fee. For more information, please send us an email at .
ACH Bank Transfer: The minimum withdrawal amount is $100, while the corresponding fees for this option are as follows: $10 for amounts below $1000 and $20 for amounts starting with $1000.
Paper check (Mail Check): This withdrawal method is available only via an ATM machine. Checks are not delivered to PO boxes and the maximum delivery time is of 12 business days. Also please be informed that a $20 delivery fee is applied and the minimum withdrawal amount is $300.

For any questions or additional information on our deposit and retrieval methods, feel free to contact our Customer Service Department .