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Bonus Rules - Terms & Conditions

We focus on player satisfaction, thus we bring you our download casino, built by top of the line programmers, giving you the thrill of amazing graphic displays and much more games. Constructed with VIP customers in mind, experienced players may download the casino and have free admission to features such as VIP tables, the best table games, over 80 different varieties of video slots and of course your traditional one line and five line slot machines.

Rich Casino offers the best online casino bonuses on the Internet. To make sure you enjoy your free bonuses and sign up bonus please read the following rules pertaining bonuses at Rich Casino.

What are your casino deposit bonus rules?

In our online casino for every deposit you make Rich Casino will add a free deposit bonus to your account.

Download Casino Bonus Rules:

For our download casino, the free bonus scheme is very simple. The moment you fund your account our casino system immediately credits the bonus into a separate bonus field giving you the chance to instantly use your free bonus to play our Slots and Video Poker machines, and you can also combine both your deposit and bonus money to play the casino games mentioned previously. Keep in mind that your free bonus money cannot be used to play Roulette and Blackjack games.


In order to request a payout, players must wager a total of 25 times the amount comprised of the deposit bonus plus the corresponding offer(deposit plus bonus times 25)". Requesting a payout before meeting the wagering criteria will result in the loss of the bonus money. The wagering requirements must also be met before a payout can be requested. Wagers made on Roulette, Craps and any type of Blackjack games will not count towards meeting the wagering criteria. Wagers made on any of the above mentioned games will result in your withdrawal requests being denied. Any payout request made prior to meeting wagering requirements will NOT be processed. Wagering requirements must be met for deposits made prior to the request of the payout.

What happens if I want to play the non-bonus games and my free bonus is pending?

Casino wagers made on Roulette and any type of Blackjack will not qualify towards meeting wagering requirements. If you play our Roulette, Craps and Blackjack casino games while qualifying for your free bonus our system will identify this as a forfeit of the free bonus and will leave it pending until you wager 24 times the amount of your deposit in any of our other casino games.

Remember that if you want to play Roulette, Craps or any type of Blackjack games your free bonus will remain pending.

Can I win real money with my Sign-Up bonus?

The sign-up bonus are funds added to the members account once the registration is completed. Multiple accounts opened by one person will not receive the bonus, and will be closed. These funds are used as an incentive for the enjoyment of players and have no value of themselves. Furthermore winnings from the sign up bonus can be played only and cannot be withdrawn and/or exchanged for any prize.

Important Note

All accounts that have not been used for 12 months or more will be temporarily disabled and the amount in bonus will expire if there is no activity in the account for 6 months or more. Logging into your account is considered activity.


Bonus abuse rules:

The online casino industry is aware of the free bonus abuse phenomenon and is in the process of establishing a black list for casino players categorized under these criteria. Online casinos offer bonuses, this being free sign up or free deposit bonuses, to enhance the entertainment level and increase customer playtime in the casino, just as land based casinos offer certain incentives to their loyal and serious casino players.

Bonus abusing takes place when the casino player has no intention to use the casino bonus for entertainment but actually utilizes advantage play techniques and betting systems to manipulate the casino games in his favor. Free bonus abuse and bonus betting systems will not be tolerated at Rich Casino. Casino players found using these methods will be immediately blacklisted and have their original DEPOSIT amount refunded. Any winnings made using advantage-betting methods will be considered as fraudulent and will immediately become void.

Rich Casino takes pride in ensuring that all of our online casino players are satisfied with the quality and fairness of our site. The success of our casino goes hand in hand with our exceptional customer satisfaction policies, which range from our service, promotions, free sign up bonuses, the best casino games and transparency with our casino rules. Therefore, please be aware that Rich Casino, as a part of a corporation, is ruled and managed under such principles and has created these rules to prevent crooked casino players from visiting the site.

What are your free bonus rules?

Rich Casino is focused on entertaining casino players, therefore offer free bonus promotions from time to time to maximize your level of play and enhance your gaming experience at our casino. With this said, we have created the following free bonus rules when receiving "Bonuses" such as good will bonuses or Sign Up bonuses. Most of the free bonuses are given with no previous deposit required.

- Bonus money cannot be withdrawn; it can only be put into play.

-Free casino bonus money and sign up bonus credits may only be used to play our Slot, Video Poker, Keno and Pull Tab casino games.

-Winnings made from free bonus money will turn into real cash; free bonus money winnings will only be paid out if they were made in any of our slot machines ONLY.

- Casino players with no deposits made within the last 10 days are subject to free bonus money rules and free bonus payout rules.

-Casino bonus money cannot be used to play any type of blackjack, roulette or craps game. Our casino system is designed to not let you play any type of free bonus balance on these casino games.

-Sign up bonuses will not be credited to duplicate casino accounts, in the event of multiple casino account abuse, all balances will be forfeited and all accounts will be permanently closed.

-There may be times when Rich Casino sends free bonus promotions out to a specific group of customers, and some of these promotions may be posted in other sites or throughout casino forums. If Rich Casino has enough grounds to prove that a casino player was not included in a particular free bonus promotion, or that another casino player forwarded the promotion, we will not credit any free bonuses and no payouts will be honored.

Due to repeated fraud and security breach attempts from players, members from the following countries will have their accounts indefinitely suspended until further notice: Costa Rica, Israel, Poland, Romania, Denmark, Ukraine.

-Free Sign Up bonuses will only be credited ONCE and they will be awarded according to the casino promotion we published or the promotional emails we sent.

-Casino Players are not entitled to receive two simultaneous free casino bonus promotions, we will only credit the first promotion the customer received.

-Rich Casino will not tolerate abuse of free bonus money in ADVANTAGE PLAY. This is why free sign up bonus casino accounts and free bonus credits are closely monitored by gaming specialists to avoid this dreadful practice. If found placing advantage bets with free bonus money, your casino account will be immediately blacklisted and closed. All winnings will become void.

-Players intending to withdraw winnings obtained from free chips must wager 99 times the total amount received prior to requesting a withdrawal. However, the maximum withdrawal amount will be determined based on the player´s VIP level.
* VIP Bronze - Withdrawal Limits $200-$500; Regular withdrawal limit is $200. Complete a total of 5 deposits or more throughout the week and your limit will be increased to $500.
* VIP Silver -- Withdrawal limits $500 - $1000; Regular withdrawal limit is $500. Complete a total of 5 deposits or more throughout the week and your withdrawal limit will be increased to $1000.
* VIP Gold -- Withdrawal limit up to $2500.