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Progressive Slots at Rich Casino

Progressive Slots at Rich Casino

Variety in the Slots Games

Rich Casino offers a wide selection of online slots. With classic slot games, video slots, and progressive slots available for play, sometimes the choices can be a little confusing. Generally, though, the games are easy to sort out. The main choices are classic slots versus video slots, and regular slots versus progressive slots. There is some overlap in the categories; some classic slots offer progressive jackpots, and some video slots offer the classic layout.

The Basic Features of Online Slots

Most slots games have similar basic layouts: a set of virtual reels, either next to or above a set of clickable buttons. The layout, especially in the "classic" online slots, is designed to mimic the look of land-based casino slots. The video slots, slightly more complex than the standard 3-reel slots, are simply online versions of the free standing video slot games that are frequently found in bars.

To play an online slot, simply select a bet and spin the reels. Some slots games, the video slots especially, offer multiple paylines. Each payline is run of symbols across all the reels. Jackpots are paid out when winning combinations appear from left to right across an active payline. Some online slots offer a ‘bet max' feature that will automatically place a bet on all possible paylines.

Players should remember that, in online slots, bets and coins are not the same thing. You can choose to play with one dollar coins, but if you select 5 paylines, your bet on each spin of the reels will be five dollars.

What Makes Progressive Slots Different?

Progressive slots keep the layouts and interfaces of the regular online slots, but add one great feature: the progressive jackpot. As the name suggests, a progressive jackpot grows, and keeps growing, until someone wins it. Progressive jackpots are frequently offered across several games. While regular online slots typically offer jackpots in the range of $5000 to $10,000, it's not uncommon for some progressive slots to offer multi-million dollar jackpots. Once a progressive jackpot has been won, it resets and begins growing again. Progressives can start from different points; typical starting jackpots are $100,000, $500,000, or $1 million. The progressive slots at Rich Casino usually start at one million dollars.

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