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Rich Casino is Proud to Introduce Mini Baccarat Online

Rich Casino introduce mini baccarat
If you like to play baccarat, you'll love the new Mini Baccarat at Rich Casino. This pared-down table game is a simplified version of the Baccarat game, a perennial casino classic.

Baccarat games have a long history, and are normally seen as a high-rolling entertainment, the sort of games that James Bond plays for high stakes. Baccarat online keeps to this mood, and brings it to your home.

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Mini Baccarat online is available wherever you can access Rich Casino. The game is quick to load and easy to play. As long as you're familiar with the rules of Baccarat games, you'll have no problem with Mini Baccarat.

How to Play Mini Baccarat

Mini Baccarat is just like any other Baccarat game, only smaller. In traditional Baccarat, there are only players at the table, and they take turns as the dealer. As in Blackjack, players go against the dealer rather than each other.

In Mini Baccarat there is only one player, set against a house dealer. You play baccarat against the dealer, using the same card values as the regular game. Bets are placed on the outcome of each hand, with a maximum bet of $100.


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