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A New Game - Double Exposure Blackjack

A New Game - Double Exposure Blackjack Blackjack is a old favorite in casinos, whether land-based or online. The game is fast-paced and exciting, but also easy to learn. Players are pitted against the dealer rather than each other. Bets are placed on reaching, but not exceeding, a card value of 21 in any given hand. Rich Casino now has a new game at the blackjack tables: Double Exposure. This exciting new game brings a twist to the old casino classic.

In Double Exposure, as in any blackjack, the player is pitted against the dealer. The game starts with the player and the dealer each getting two cards. And here's the twist: both dealer cards are dealt face up, revealing them to the player. It's a small edge to the player, when it comes to strategizing on any given hand.

To compensate for the player's small advantage, Double Exposure makes a few changes to the rules of the game. These changes are easy to follow, and can make the game a little more interesting. The purpose of the changes is not to make it too easy to win!

First, the dealer wins on all ties except a natural blackjack. Tied blackjacks are paid out as a "push" to the player; that is, giving even money. Second, while a player can split a hand, he can only do that once per hand. This has the effect of speeding up the game, making Double Exposure a fairly quick moving version of an already fast paced game. Finally, the dealer is only required to stand on a soft 17.

These changes to the rules make Double Exposure a more exciting version of blackjack, but they also add a small edge to the house's overall odds. As with any blackjack game, however, a savvy player can still come out ahead. Rich's Double Exposure has a $100 maximum bet, and $1 minimum, making this a good game for players at any level.

Double Exposure is available now at Rich Casino. From the casino lobby, simply choose the blackjack games to see the available versions.

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The Rich Casino team